Non NHS Services

Private Work Fees

The NHS provides free health care for most people.

It is important to understand that GPs are self employed and not all of the services we provide are covered by the NHS payments to the practice.

Please expect a fee for non NHS services. The staff or your doctor should inform of any charges before carrying out non NHS work.

We also offer private medicals which may be needed by any agency such as your employer or for overseas visa applications. Please contact the Practice Manager for further details.

Private Fees as of December 2023

Certificate or Report


Private Sick Note/Insurance Continuation Certificate


Fitness to Travel


Holiday Cancellation Certificate


International Certificate of Vaccination


Elderly Driver Fitness (Report from Records Only)


Miscellaneous/To whom it may concern letters


Fire Arms Letter




Private Blood Test

Charges applied by pathology lab and wil vary dependent on test. 

Legal Exam and Report re Accident/Sickness


Elderly Driver Fitness (Exam and Report)


HGV/PSV Licence


Diving/Sports Medical (without Spirometry)

Diving/Sports Medical (with Spirometry)



Power of Attorney Exam (Depending on whether a visit is necessary)

£ 80 - £100

Other Third Party Exam and Report

£60 - £100 (Depending on complexity)